AUHF Training Masterclass

On the third day, the conference will shift focus slightly. In parallel with the AUHF’s 35th Annual General Meeting, delegates not participating in that will be invited to join a Master Class on the opportunities to be found in PropTech. Just as FinTech has aggressively spread globally using technology in finance, property technology is now emerging.

Property Technology, popular referred to as PropTech, is an array of technological advancement and tools that are currently revolutionizing the way people operate, buy, sell and rent properties. Globally, investment in PropTech has reached $12.6 billion in 2017 from a mere $20 million in 2010. These new investments have been witnessed in portal listings, agency and brokerages, virtual reality, real estate crowdfunding, collaborative economy (shared spaces), big data and analytics, blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence and smart building technologies.

The advent of PropTech is seen to be making real estate development companies more efficient through the deployment of technology through its value chain. The 3-hour session will explore how the changing PropTech landscape will affect the housing affordability challenge, with particular reference to African economies.